Pixie Rescue


A Pixelle’s Quest: A Spring Pixie Adventure

Cece has always dreamed of becoming a Spring pixie, but there is one problem: she is terrible at pixie training. She can’t fly straight, she can’t cast spells, and she can’t even make a decent flower crown. How will she ever pass the final test at Springdell’s Spring annual harvest festival?

Her luck seems to change when she buys an enchanted book from a mysterious gypsy. The book promises to teach her everything she needs to know to become a Spring pixie. But the book has a secret of its own, and it leads Cece and her friends into a perilous adventure. When their beloved chief baker disappears, Cece and her friends decide to go on a rescue mission! But soon they discover that there is a dark force behind their beloved chief baker’s disappearance. A force that wants to destroy Springdell and all the pixies who live there.

Can Cece and her friends stop the evil plot and save their chief baker? Or will they fall victim to the dangers that lurk unseen? Find out in this thrilling and magical story of friendship, courage, and pixie power.


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Corazon M Ramos

Middle grade novel for 8-12 years

Imagine Press NZ



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