The Grumble Troll

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No! No! No! The little troll is terribly angry. It’s like there’s a storm inside him, with lightning shooting out of the sky and thunder rumbling loudly. Yes, that’s exactly how he feels: like a rumbling and grumbling troll.

A grumbletroll!

Eventually his friends get fed up with his yelling and go off to play without him. Will the little troll be able to make up for his bad behaviour and win back the favour of his friends? Grumbletroll serves as a model to help children recognize and learn ways to stop fits of rage that we all struggle with when things don’t go our way.

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Bind: hardback

Pages: 32

Schiffer Books

Publication Date: 30-04-2021

1 review for The Grumble Troll

  1. Heart Reads

    Fun idea: Can you make a loud Grumbletroll noise? How about a loud, thunder noise? See who can make the most imaginative Grumbletroll noise ever!
    Things to talk about: Ways how to say sorry to our friends. What can we do when things don’t go the way we want them to.

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