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I hope you enjoy browsing on my site and find books you’ll love to share with all your loved ones. I carefully handpicked these books and I hope these books stay on bookshelves, forever to be enjoyed by your little ones and the many generations after. The books include reading tips, topics and activities to explore with your little ones. For independent readers and young adults, let me know if you have found something to treasure on my site or wish you have found.
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“I’ve always been enthusiastic about books that inspire and stir us to dream, dream, and dream.”

Thank you for visiting my bookstore and I hope you find books that you’ll keep close to your heart and enjoy with your family for many, many years.

About Corazon Ramos - Imagine Press NZ

My Story so far …


If you have stayed a while on my site, you probably have guessed my store name is a translation of my name, Corazón, which is a Spanish name, meaning the heart. I have always loved books and dreams of becoming a writer came naturally. I wrote for children where anything could happen and the “what ifs” in my mind always led to awesome adventures and out-this-world crazy stories.

To formally begin my writing journey, I studied Writing Stories for Children with the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies, graduating with Excellence in 2013.

Fast forward to the present, my first picture book, MY CRAZY CAT was born and Heart Reads came soon after.

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