Janus Silang And The Struggle For Kalibutan


Following a grisly encounter with the Tiyanak, an evil creature from Philippine folklore, Janus Silang realizes that nothing in his life will ever be the same again. He and his family are now the targets of a powerful force that must be destroyed.

Janus and his friends escape to Kalibutan, where the Tiyanak cannot follow. There, he searches for Tala, the Tiyanak’s goddess twin and the only being with the power to defeat it. This quest leads him again to the world of online gaming, where to his great dismay he discovers that he is not the only one seeking her!

The second volume in the Janus Silang series, Janus Silang and the Struggle for Kalibutan is adapted from the award-winning novel by Edgar Calabia Samar, one of Asia’s best-known writers and multiple winner of the Philippine National Book Award.

‘If Britons have Harry Potter and Americans have Percy Jackson, we Filipinos have Janus Silang.’ – Bongbong Books Review

Age range 16+

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ISBN: 9780804856775 Categories: , ,

Edgar Calabia Samar

Tuttle Publishing


Pages: 176

Publication Date: 2019

English translation: 2024

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