Fish Out of Water


Sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself – 5 friends – 8 countries – 1 amazing adventure. An exciting new series about friendship travel and love.

Elite swimmer Dina McNamara’s dreams of Olympic Gold have been derailed. Her gifted sister Mae has graduated high school at just 16 and has planned an around-the-world trip with her three best friends. Their parents agree to let Mae go but only if 18-year-old Dina goes too. Resentful and broken but with nothing better to do with her life Dina boards the plane’s first stop Tokyo. Two weeks in the world’s most amazing mega-city completely turns Dina’s life upside-down. There are new friendships, unexpected opportunities and a surprising romance.

For the first time ever, Dina figures out what she wants both in and out of the water. But Tokyo is only the first stop on an unforgettable world trip and as their departure date draws near, Dina must decide whether she can leave Japan and this exciting new life behind.

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