This Month’s Top Picks

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Welcome to our TOP PICKS for the month of November!

My Crazy Cat

Perfect for mat-time reading. My Crazy Cat is a fun read-aloud book for toddlers up to 8 years. Families with pet cats or cat lovers will surely resonate with this hilarious story of a mischievous cat as he gets into one lot of trouble after another and ends in an unexpected twist guaranteed to delight readers, young and old. The book comes with a downloadable videobook to be watched and enjoyed many times.

Buy the book and make story time a fun time!

The Little Tale of Hedgehog and Goat

Written by Paula Green and set on a New Zealand farm. The Little Tale of Hedgehog and Goat is a moving book about friendship, discovery and finding joy in the ordinary. With its classic and nostalgic feel, The Tales of Little Hedgehog and Goat certainly deserves a place beside old favourites like Peter Rabbit, Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh. A joy to have in your children’s library.


Written by Fifi Colston, Masher is quite an original, imaginative and funny novel suitable for readers eight years and up. Complete with a lovable character whom children will surely resonate with, a growling paper mache puppet (something to be really curious about!) and mysteries to solve. This book is a definite must-have!

The Grumble Troll

No! No! No! The little troll is terribly angry. It’s like there’s a storm inside him, with lightning shooting out of the sky and thunder rumbling loudly. Yes, that’s exactly how he feels: like a rumbling and grumbling troll.

A grumbletroll!

The first book in the popular Grumble Troll series, The Grumble Troll is an endearing picture book that helps children learn how to deal with anger and frustration, learn to make amends and find their way back to friends. A book that every child needs. Grab your copy now.

Children’s Classics

Rudyard Kipling Complete Children’s stories

If you’re up for some children’s classics, why not try Rudyard Kipling’s Complete Children’s stories, over 800 pages including Jungle Book 1 and 2, Puck of Pook’s Hill, Rewards and Fairies, and many more. Perfect for night-time reads or just before an afternoon nap.

My Favourite Brer Rabbit Stories

80 pages of beautifully illustrated children’s classic, follow Brer Rabbit’s mischievous deeds to his friends Brer Fox, Brer Wolf and Brer Bear. In hardback format at $19.99, a sure treasure. Grab your copy now.

Games and Gifts

Searching for something to relieve boredom or create bonding time with family? Head on to our Games and Gifts and check out our newly released Dog Day Out Sharing Puzzle game for kids and grownups. It’s an innovative puzzle with 2 different size pieces perfect for big and little hands. Definitely worth checking out.

For nature lovers, fancy some memory game? Animal Family Match is not your usual match game. Forty-five incredibly detailed watercolour illustrations by internationally acclaimed artist Ryuto Miyake, and text by a zoologist, learn about the 15 animal families with text explaining why the animals in each family don’t all look alike. It is THE PERFECT GIFT. Why not get your Christmas holidays sorted and grab yourself this collectable matching game?