Ted and His Time Travelling Toilet: Shakespeare Shake Up


Get ready to flush your way through history with Steven Vinacour’s laugh-out-loud novel, where Ted’s bathroom becomes a portal to the past! Desperate to dazzle as Romeo and win Chloe’s heart in the school play, Ted plunges into the Elizabethan era for acting tips from William Shakespeare himself. But with quirky new classmates stirring up drama and the school’s plumbing on the brink, Ted’s time-traveling escapade might just clog his chances. Will Shakespeare’s advice turn Ted into a star, or will he end up a historical laughingstock? Dive into this hilarious page-turner, filled with awkward adventures and comedic chaos, and find out if Ted’s grand plan is a recipe for triumph or a theatrical disaster!


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ISBN: 9781782704737 Categories: , ,

Steven Vinacour

Award Publications

Bind: paperback

Pages: 224

Publication Date: 31-07-2022

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