Super Pig


From the bestselling author and illustrator team of Copons & Fortuny comes a new series filled with adventure, comedy, and fables.

From the bestselling author-and-illustrator team of Copons & Fortuny comes the second book in the Bitmax & Co. series. Filled with even more adventure and comedy, this next installment features Super Pig. Super Pig is one of the dwellers of the Blue Forest. He truly believes that he is a superhero and has superpowers. But he is not. He’s just a piggy wearing a cape and a mask. He does his best – you can tell! But he fails time after time. And what’s even worse . . . he becomes a danger to himself and to all the people of the Blue Forest, especially once the evil Evo intervenes! The forest creatures once again call on Bitmax for help. Will he be able to stop Evo and help Super Pig find his true superpower? Spoiler Alert: It is Bitmax who discovers Super Pig’s real power. Believe it or not, we all have one! As it turns out, Super Pig’s hugs are the best in the world. They are squishy, healing planetary hugs, the best ones in the forest. Join everyone’s favourite robot in each title of the Bitmax & Co. series, which clearly focuses on a single conflict and places young readers in the heart of a classic narrative structure that presents the conflict, develops it, and solves it.

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ISBN: 9780764364877 Categories: , ,

Jaume Copons, Liliana Fortuny

Bind: Hardbound

Schiffer Books

Pages: 72

Publication Date: 18-10-2022

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