Paolo The Sheepdog


From the bestselling author-and-illustrator team of Copons & Fortuny comes the fourth book in the Bitmax & Co series.

Filled with even more adventure and comedy, this next instalment features Paolo, the hardworking, always-on-alert sheepdog who is not adjusting well to his retirement. In this new adventure, Paolo the Sheepdog is certainly entitled to a happy retirement after years of hard work, so he decides to move to the Blue Forest. But this new, slower lifestyle is difficult for a sheepdog who is used to always living on the alert! It was Paolos responsibility to lead, take care of, and supervise, and he is struggling to give up certain habits and behaviours. However, the forest people are not taking well to being told what to do, and they certainly don’t need that much order in the forest. Evo, the evil robot, is not helping matters either when he helps Paolo with a scheme that puts everyone in danger … because where Evo goes, disaster is sure to strike! Can Bitmax, Wagner, and Mus save the forest creatures, save themselves, and ultimately help Paolo understand that another way of living is possible — a happy and relaxed way where everyone helps each other? Join everyone’s favourite robot in each title of the Bitmax & Co series, which clearly focuses on a single conflict and places young readers in the heart of a classic narrative structure that presents the conflict, develops it, and solves it.

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ISBN: 9780764365799 Categories: , ,

Jaume Copons, Liliana Fortuny

Bind: Hardbound

Schiffer Books

Pages: 72

Publication Date: 28-06-2023

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