Ollie Oxley and the Ghost


Twelve-year-old Ollie Oxley is moving—again.

His mom is starting another new job, this time at the Bingham Theater in Granite City, California. Moving all the time means Ollie has struggled in the making friends department, but he quickly connects with a boy named Teddy. To Ollie’s surprise, though, his first friend in town is a little more . . . unique than those he’s made in the past.

Teddy is a ghost.

Befriending someone who lived during the famous California Gold Rush sure does make things interesting for Ollie. But when the school bully, Aubray, targets Ollie and it looks like the Bingham Theater might close, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Can Teddy and Ollie work together to take down Aubray, save his mom’s job, and solve a mystery years in the making?

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Lisa Schmid

Published: 21 August 2013

North Star Editions

Bind: paperback

Pages: 184




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