Bing Bang Chugga Beep!


“Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep!” Dive into a captivating journey with Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson’s rhyming masterpiece.

Journey with a beloved old car as it ventures from scenic backyards to soaring skies, and from majestic hills to shimmering waters. Witness its thrilling escapades through mud and clouds, steered by the imagination of a bright-eyed young boy.

Discover the magic of timeless tales as this iconic author duo delivers another heartwarming and rhythmical adventure. Prepare to be enchanted, just as the boy cherishes his age-old ride, you too will hold this story close to your heart.

“Bing! Bang! Chugga! Beep!” – where every turn of the page revs up a world of wonder!

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