Ted and His Time Travelling Toilet: Tudor Tangle


Dive into the swirling vortex of Ted’s most unusual toilet, where every flush sends him spiraling through the annals of history! In ‘Ted and His Time Travelling Toilet: Tudor Tangle,’ Ted’s bathroom breaks are anything but ordinary. This time, his adventurous spirit (and dubious plumbing) plunges him back to the tumultuous Tudor era, where he comes face-to-flush with none other than Henry VIII himself! Navigate the royal court’s perilous politics, avoid losing your head, and maybe—just maybe—help Ted make it back to modern times with both his homework and his dignity intact. Packed with humor, historical mishaps, and toilet-centric time travel, this book is a rollicking read for anyone who’s ever wondered what history would smell like up close. Join Ted as he dodges danger, and discovers that the past is far more unpredictable when you’re traveling by toilet!

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Steven Vinacour

Award Publications

Bind: paperback

Pages: 208

Publication Date: 25-02-2021


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