Moose The Pilot

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Meet Moose, a bush pilot who lives in a treehouse. He’s had a VERY busy day when he gets a radio call for one more job – a RESCUE mission!

Moose, the dashing bush pilot from Puffin the Architect, is to the rescue! With a full plane and bad weather, too, but three youngsters need his help, and this is the job he loves…
I’m Moose! And I fly a plane
with wheels, floats and skis.
I move parcels, food and folk
high above the trees.

Pilot Moose lives up high in a treehouse and has a very important job delivering goods in his bush plane through sun, snow and rain, landing in all kinds of terrain.

But on this day, his adventures are even more exciting than usual – three fluffy youngsters need his help!

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Kimberly Andrews

Picture Puffin


Pages: 32

Published: 1 June 2021

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1 review for Moose The Pilot

  1. Heart Reads

    A book about friendship, kindness and looking out for each other. A lovely book to read during mat time.

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