A Girl Called T.O.M. Granny For Sale


When Tom’s granny returns from her latest world travels, Tom is alarmed to hear that not only is she moving in with them, but that Tom is expected to share a bedroom with her.

Tom’s granny is one of life’s eccentrics and where she goes, chaos follows.

True to form Granny immediately turns Tom’s life upside down, not helped by Tom’ super-hero obsessed dad, her quirky, yoga-teaching mum and her weirdly obsessive little brother. Desperate to get things back to normal, Tom lists her granny for sale on e-Sellalot, more as a joke than anything else. But it’s when bids actually start rolling in ever-increasing amounts that the trouble really starts!

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ISBN: 9781913292126 Categories: ,

Jackie Marchant

Wacky Bee Books

Bind: paperback

Pages: 200

Publication Date: 18-03-2021


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