Children’s Books – What’s So Good About It?

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Children's Books- What's So Good About It?
Children’s books – What’s So Good About it?

Studies show that children who are read to and exposed to books at an early age are far more likely to become fast learners and keen readers. Through books, children learn basic skills like looking and turning pages, observing details, and learning to follow a story line. By encountering new words in books, children learn to think, thus igniting their imagination and creativity. Moreover, books help satisfy children’s curiosity and over time, build their general knowledge.

How to find good books 📚📚📚

Ask a friend or schoolteacher which book they recommend.

Children’s librarians have a wealth of knowledge about book trends and the current favourites among children and well-loved books that just never gets old.

Ask for help or recommendations from online booksellers and in bookshops.

Check out some of our great reads below. 100% Kids Approved!

For Babies and Toddlers:

Books that boost your baby’s vision, concentration, and touch. A definite must-have in the nursery.

Hello Farm: Baby’s First Board Books

Mat-Time Books:

A great read-aloud book that is perfect just before an afternoon nap!

Goat on a Trampoline

My Crazy Cat

Night-Time Buddies:

Make bedtime super fun with these great night-time read. They also double as perfect calming stories for babies and toddlers.

The Sun and The Mayfly

Timeless Reads:

Simply beautiful books that stand the test of time. A definite must-have in your library.

Guess How Much I Love You

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


May you discover books that take you on a profound journey within yourself.

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