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‘Ruby Red Shoes” by Kate Knapp is the first book in a delightful series that introduces readers to Ruby, a considerate, thoughtful, and slightly whimsical white hare who lives in a beautifully painted caravan with her grandmother. The book is not just a story; it’s an experience, carefully woven together with gentle narratives and exquisite, whimsical illustrations that engage both young readers and adults alike.

Heart Reads says:

Ruby Red Shoes is much more than a typical children’s book—it’s a heartfelt exploration of mindfulness, compassion, and the importance of being kind to all creatures. Ruby, with her red shoes and unique lifestyle, serves as a wonderful role model for children, demonstrating the value of living with intention and care for everything around her.

The illustrations in the book are beautiful, every page is filled with intricate details that invite readers to linger and explore Ruby’s world more deeply. The clever use of colours and detailed drawings creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that enhances the book’s themes of love and gentility.

This book stands out for its ability to convey profound messages in a simple, accessible manner. It encourages readers to appreciate the small joys in life, to be present in the moment, and to treat others with kindness and respect. It’s a story that resonates with people of all ages, making it not just a children’s book but a family treasure.

Heart Reads Reading Tips:

  1. Embrace the Pace: Take your time with each page, allowing the story’s pace to guide your reading experience.
  2. Explore the Artwork: The illustrations are an important part of the story. Talk about the artwork with your child, noticing the details, colors, and how they contribute to the narrative.
  3. Discuss Ruby’s Values: Use the story as an opportunity to talk about the values Ruby embodies, such as kindness, mindfulness, and respect for nature. Ask your child how they can incorporate these values into their own life or think about circumstances where they have shown kindness to a friend or classmate. Give a hug as a price!
  4. Create a Ruby-Inspired Activity: After reading the book, engage in an activity inspired by Ruby’s adventures or lifestyle. This could be a nature walk, creating art, or even planting a small garden.
  5. Reading as a Ritual: Make reading “Ruby Red Shoes” a special part of your routine, perhaps as a bedtime story, perfect for winding down at the end of the day!
  6. Series Exploration: If you and your child enjoy “Ruby Red Shoes,” consider exploring the rest of the series.

A wonderful addition to any bookshelf! A story that children will want to return to time and again.


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