The Very Best Words


In ‘The Very Best Words,’ debut writer Erin Munro and illustrator Sarah Trolle craft a dazzling and delightful tale celebrating the wonders of language and the warmth of sibling love.

Young Emma adores her nearly perfect baby brother James, from his velvety head to his wiggly toes. Eager for him to speak, Emma embarks on a charming quest to teach him how to talk. Determined to find only the most wonderful words for him, she discovers that while the world is full of words, only the very best will do for her brother. With its enchanting narrative and captivating illustrations, this book is poised to become a classic, offering young readers and their families a heartwarming journey through the joy of words and the deep bond of family.

Ages 2-9 yrs

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Erin Munro

Hatchette/Little Moa

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 26/03/24

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