Parker: The Very Nosy Cat


Meet Parker, the curious cat with a knack for mischief in David Ling’s delightful tale, ‘Parker the Very Nosy Cat.’ Known for his pest-like behavior, Parker can’t help but poke his nose into everything. Whether it’s exploring the garden, interrupting breakfast, or causing harmless mayhem, his clumsy antics bring chaos wherever he roams. Yet, beneath his mischievous exterior, Parker is just a lovable cat trying his best. This highly amusing story captures the endearing, and sometimes challenging, aspects of life with a feline companion. Cat owners and lovers will find Parker’s adventures hilariously familiar and heart-warmingly relatable. Join Parker as he sniffs his way through a series of uproarious escapades that promise to make you smile.

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ISBN: 9781927305614 Categories: ,

David Ling

Duck Creek Press

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: 9 March 2020

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